Write Better!
Write Better! can help you with almost any document, including:

Articles (both professional 
   journals and magazines)
Books (fiction and nonfiction)
Business Plans
Business Presentations
Corporate Communications
  (i.e., internal memos)
Corporate Documents
Immigration/Requests for
Legal Memoranda, Appellate
  Briefs and other pleadings
Marketing Materials
Personal Statements
Scripts (film, television
  and stage)
Short Stories
Statements of Purpose
Website Copy

WB offers these formats:

APA (American Psychological
CMS (Chicago Manual of Style)

Blue Book

Editing Process:

Your document will first be skimmed so the editor can get a general idea of its substance and style.  The editor will then conduct the comprehensive edit), a word-for-word review correcting for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typographical mistakes and offering stylistic suggestions when appropriate. The edit will be approximately 95% complete at the end of this process. However, the editor will give the document a final edit which involves a second word-for-word to catch anything that may have slipped through the cracks and make any content suggestions based on the editor's knowledge of the entire document. After the final edit is complete, the document will be returned for author comments and questions.

All editing is done on electronic files using the MS Word “TrackChanges” tool.  This allows the writer to see the editor’s suggested changes and comments and decide what to accept or reject.


All client information and documents are held in complete confidentiality.

Rates & Ordering

As this is an editing not writing service, although the editing process may include rewriting of portions of a document, WB does not do original writing.  (See Resources for links to people who may be able to help you.)

WB will help website owners attempting to describe their services in new ways and different language to avoid copyright implications regarding similar websites.  However, WB will not in any way assist in plagiarism.
Write Better!