Write Better!

Rates & Ordering

The cost of the edit is set based on the original length of the document, not the final edited length.


Basic rate: : $.01 USD per word (approximately $2.50 per double-spaced page) -- 1-week+ turnaround TBA

Need it faster?: $.02 per word for 2-day service (approximately $5.00 per double-spaced page) (50 page limit)

$.03 per word for next-day service (approximately $7.50 per double-spaced page)(25 page limit)


Editor will waive expedited rates for documents if the author schedules the edit at least one day in advance and the paper arrives when promised.

Just need final proofreading?: $1.00 - $1.50 per double-spaced page depending on turnaround time


20% added to basic rate for formatting to APA, Bluebook (or ALWD), CMS, or other institutional/journal specifications:


20% discounted from basic rate




Extra charges may apply if a revised version is substituted for the original after the edit has begun or if additions are significant. Editor will make a reasonable number of minor revisions at no extra charge during the edit and for one week after the final edited document is returned to the author.  Revisions made after that time will be charged as determined by the editor, which usually runs from 15-30% for any material previously edited.




All editing is done electronically using MS Word Track Changes. For those authors who use something other than MS Word, editor will furnish a clean copy with all changes incorporated. Documents can be transmitted via email attachment or by snail mail via CD or flash drive. Except when dealing with local clients, no hard copy (paper) editing is done by Write Better!  


Note: As Write Better! is an Internet editing service, all communicating is done via email. This provides a record of all customer directions for better customer service, allows WB to keep a low overhead, and gives you the certainty of paying a set rate based on pages edited rather than on hours spent.




Just send an email either describing your document or attaching a copy (MS Word or RTF formats preferred) and specifying your deadline. Write Better! will send you an email confirming receipt, price, and due date. For new clients and on longer projects, a 50% deposit will usually be required payable via the site’s PayPal link (which accepts major credit/debit cards and e-checks as well as PayPal transfers) or by personal check.

Write Better!