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Even without leaving our homes, our computers let us form relationships with people from around the world. Whether you're dealing with a client in Beijing, collaborating on a journal article with a Russian colleague, creating winning sales copy for your website, struggling to succeed in academia, or just wanting to share your thoughts with others, you need your words to be:


What better way to make certain your document will meet these Four "C"s than letting an Harvard Law graduate-turned-professional-editor (formerly EditAvenue.com's Elite/5-star-rated "LegalPro") give it that all important second eye?

WB will:

1) Review your document word-for-word checking grammar, spelling and punctuation.

2) Look at it stylistically, making suggestions on fixing any awkward sentences, reducing repetitious words, and trimming unnecessary words to make your writing more smooth and effective.

3) Examine the overall organization to see if you might want to consider moving any sentences or paragraphs.

4) Point out (if appropriate) any content areas that may be confusing to a reader or that may benefit from expansion.

Finally, if based on many years of experience with business and academic institutions regarding "how things work" the editor has any practical ideas on achieving your goal, they certainly will be passed on to you.

As WB has worked with many

people from every continent except Antarctica (alas,
penguins aren't into prose), those for whom English is a second language are especially welcome.  In fact, about 50% of WB's academic and web copy work comes from ESL writers.

Check out the reasonable rates and fast turnaround times and give your document that extra polish it needs to be its best!
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Write Better!