Books Edited
As either a copy or developmental editor, Brooke is fast closing in on her 50th full-length book. Although publisher and author privacy considerations don’t permit a complete listing, representative works can be found below.
Brooke has edited over twenty novels including historical fiction, horror, literary, mainstream, romance (including erotica), science fiction, and young adult:
A Matter of Respect – Robert Worley   (historical novel on how the U.S. became involved in the War of 1812)
Chairman-X – Rami Loya   (suspense novel about a Massad’s agent infiltration of the PLO)
When God Sleeps – Rose Rodriquez-Gregory   (Christian novel about a young woman’s search for God in her troubled life)
Brooke has also edited over twenty nonfiction works including cookbooks, genealogical analyses, how-tos, inspirationals, legal treatises, memoirs, and trivia quizzes: